Best Myprotein Discount Codes & Deals

Sick of trawling spammy sites for Myprotein discount codes that don’t work anyway? I was, so I signed up as an affiliate to get the info first-hand.


Discount Codes & Deals

Note: maximum discount per order is £50, but you can make multiple orders.

Beware the Maximum Discount!

Be careful about the maximum discount threshold. If your order is big enough, you can end up spending more than you have to.

For example, say Myprotein have an every-third-item-free sale (effectively 33% discount). Remember, their maximum discount is normally £50.

If you made a single order that came to £300 before discount you’d get a £50 reduction, meaning you’d pay £250. That works out to only 16% off full price instead of the full 33%.

Here’s the trick, though—you can make multiple orders.

So back to the scenario above, if you split your order into two separate ones that came to £150 before discount, you’d get £50 off both. That means in total you end up paying only £200 instead of £250, thereby getting the full reduction. And you won’t pay double shipping because each order is big enough to to get it free (which happens when you spend at least £50).

Granted, your order has to be fairly large for this to happen, but I’ve been caught out before. Making multiple orders is a bit more hassle, but can be well worth it.

Why Myprotein?

  • Cheapest Goods – at any given time, it’s possible that Myprotein don’t have the cheapest price, but I’ve found it’s unlikely. That means you can either spend hours searching online for the best deal, or go straight to Myprotein in the knowledge that you’re probably getting close to the cheapest price for whatever you want.

  • Quality – a cheap price is meaningless if you’re buying crap, but over the years I’ve had nothing but good results from all the stuff I’ve tried from Myprotein.

  • Huge Selection – the company is a hell of a success story, and have branched out more and more. As well as their ever-expanding base of nutrition products, they now sell whole food, accessories, and clothing.

  • Free & Quick Delivery – spend over £50, and delivery is free. It’s normally fast and problem-free, too. (That’s all I have experience with, but delivery cost seems pretty reasonable under the £50 threshold.)

    Not to say I’ve never had issues with orders, I have. But only rarely, and while the customer service wasn’t up to Amazon’s standards for instance, it wasn’t too painful, and issues were always resolved.

Why This Page?

Myprotein’s business model is one of constant specials and discount codes. As such, it’s rare for me personally to ever buy anything unless it’s either on special or I can use a discount code at checkout. While that can be a bit of a pain, stick to this page and you won’t go wrong.

If you like what I do here, you can support my work by buying through the affiliate links on this page (it doesn’t cost any more for you). Cheers!