Tower of London Cannon

Art photograph of a cannon at the Tower of London, by Joseph Westrupp.

Title: Defending London.

Taken at the Tower of London on my first visit to England.

Being from a much younger country, I was constantly impressed by the beautiful ancient buildings like the Tower of London (and still am, actually. That’s one of the joys of the UK). I happened to catch this interesting perspective when I glanced over the edge of a parapet. I like the juxtaposition of the casual sitters on the bench beneath what was presumably once a working tool of defensive destruction.

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Melbourne Central Business District in Abstract

Cityscape of Melbourne, Australia. Art photograph by Joseph Westrupp.

Title: Melbourne Towers.

Taken from Melbourne University, Australia.

This followed a normal trajectory of development—I took the shot from a visit to Melbourne University, basically liked the composition, and applied the vision I had for it in processing. Mind you, it had a lot of processing—it’s totally different to the original photo.

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Yarra’s Edge Marina, Melbourne

Art photograph of Yarra's Edge Marina in Melbourne, Australia, by Joseph Westrupp.

Title: Blue Melbourne.

Taken from a pretty ferry ride down the Yarra river, Melbourne.

This was one of few usable photos from the experience. The funny thing about beauty is that it often doesn’t translate well to photography when it seems like it should. I was once enthusiastically told about how lovely black sand looks in the sun (and it does—if the light is strong, the sparkle of New Zealand’s black sand looks 3D as you move over it), and how it would make a great photo. It probably wouldn’t.

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