Fasting, Coffee & Nicotine – the Perfect Nootropic

Nootropics have received a lot of attention in recent years. In case you haven’t heard the term, it basically refers to drugs that sharpen mental function.

If you’re wise, the idea of regularly using such substances probably strikes you as a bad idea. Normally any drug with a substantial benefit comes at a cost—some kind of detrimental impact on health or quality of life.

However, I’ve found it’s possible to elicit a nootropic effect daily with no noticeable downsides.


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A Trick for Diet Mindset

To lose weight you eat less. It’s simple. But there’s a big difference between simple and easy, which is borne out by the statistics showing most weight loss diets fail. My first diet attempts failed, too, but eventually I found a sustainable approach. The right mindset is an important part, and to build mine I use a mental trick that guarantees long term fat loss success by short-circuiting the thought patterns that lead to falling off the wagon.

Diet mindset

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