6 Best Practices of Fat Loss

Yo-yo dieting isn’t wise nutrition management, but it turned out to have a major benefit. Doing it for more than a decade made me an expert at losing body fat (unfortunately it didn’t teach me how to keep it off—that came later).

All fat loss requires is that you burn more energy than you take in. It’s a simple concept, but there is a lot of room for error in how you choose to do it.

The principles listed here form the basis of an extremely effective fat loss program. They also help prevent the bad outcomes that so many diets result in, such as rebounds from excessive metabolic adaptation.

Joseph Westrupp, lean torso, theTasteofBliss

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The Best Nutrition Scales

Close control of body composition requires portion control, which means kitchen scales are a necessity for any physique enthusiast. Even if you’re extremely metabolically and athletically gifted, the only way to get close to optimum results is to quantify your portions.

I’ve used many scales over the years. Most were cheap and merely did the job. I finally invested a bit more in these, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made.

Steinberg Systems scale, model SBS-LW-7500A, the best diet scales I've owned
The mighty Steinberg Systems scale, model SBS-LW-7500A, the best diet scales I’ve owned. No, sadly they don’t come with Quest Bars.

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Exercise Won’t Make You Lose Weight

Are you beginning to feel like your belly needs its own ZIP code? There are reminders of being out of shape that are hard to ignore. Like when you sit down and feel that fat-roll folding over your belt, reaching out to touch your feet. Or when you’re gently walking and your whole torso jiggles.

Things like these used to mount up to a tipping point for me, and I’d begin exercising. Because that’s what you should do to lose weight, right?

Joseph Westrupp, torso

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Slow Metabolism Is a Myth – How to Increase Your Calorie Burn

You probably know someone your size who eats vast amounts and struggles to put on weight, while you get fat eating less. Most people would say your friend has a fast metabolism—ie, a body that simply uses more energy to exist.

Well, it turns out that the differences between you and your friend are unlikely due to metabolism. What’s more, you can burn just as much energy as they can.

Joseph Westrupp, before and after fat loss with increased calorie burn

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Is Reverse Dieting Necessary?

Reverse dieting to increase metabolism after a fat loss phase is a controversial subject. Some swear by it, while others claim it’s unnecessary and a money-making scam of diet coaches.

Having followed my own fat loss efforts both with and without reverse dieting, I’m convinced it’s a powerful tool with huge benefits.

However, that’s not to say it’s for everyone, or that it should be used in every circumstance.

Joseph Westrupp - lean arm photo
I stayed this lean while I increased my calories from 1900 up to 3000 using reverse dieting

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My Best Reverse Diet: 1900 to 3000 Calories With No Fat Gain

Most diets fail and lead to fat rebound. The reason is that the post-diet period isn’t given enough consideration—people lose weight, then go straight back to how they ate before the diet, which is what got them fat in the first place.

Reverse dieting is a great way to fix this situation. By using it you can keep your results and avoid becoming another diet-failure statistic.

In my most successful reverse dieting experiment I increased my food intake from 1900 Calories all the way up to 3000 with no fat gain.

Joseph Westrupp staying lean with a reverse diet
This is the shape I maintained all the way up to 3000 Calories

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