How to Manage Hunger With Calorie Banking

Have you ever started a diet, made amazing progress, then caved in to hunger and binged your way back to square one or worse? It’s a common problem and one of the main causes is not giving enough consideration to natural appetite patterns.

After years of experimenting with diet plans, I found a simple way to work with hunger that makes dieting infinitely easier: calorie banking. It’s a way to eat large meals and treats when you’re most hungry, and it makes dietary adherence and fat loss goals much more likely.


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How to Stick to a Diet

If you’ve ever found yourself wrestling with the question of how to stick to a diet, you probably think you need a way to strengthen your willpower. But relying on willpower to resist progress-destroying cheats and binges is a recipe for failure.

On the other hand, a trick that completely prevents cheating and the total failure it can lead to is simply planning your meals ahead of time. Cheats and binges are caused by a loss of control. Planning works by putting control back in your hands—even if you decide to break your diet.

How to stick to a diet—Eugene Sandow

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Is Intermittent Fasting Bad for Muscle?

The are real benefits to intermittent fasting. Even just flexibility of food choice and the freeing up of time otherwise spent on meal preparation make it worthwhile, let alone other purported claims such as life extension. But is intermittent fasting bad for muscle? Some people think so, and as proof they say there are no really big guys who fast. It seems like a reasonable observation on its surface, but it’s mistaking cause and effect.

Is intermittent fasting bad for muscle? Clock & burger picture

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3 Simple Steps to Fat Loss

I know you’re busy. You’ve heard of a million diets and have no idea where to even start, and simply don’t have time to research. High carb, low carb, ketogenic, blah, blah, blah. It’s easy to feel swamped and just give up in confusion. No need for that, though—here’s 3 simple steps to fat loss. Follow this and you will lose weight.

Joseph Westrupp before and after following the simple steps to fat loss

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How to Eat Anything and Burn Fat

Good food is one of life’s best pleasures. But so is being fit and lean. You don’t have to choose one or the other, though—you can eat anything and burn fat (or stay lean, or build muscle). Any healthy person can do it, and there are no exotic supplements, drugs, or extreme exercise regimes needed. Here’s how you can have your donuts and eat them too.

Chocolate brownie  - eat anything and burn fat

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Should You Count Calories?

Calorie counting is a finicky business. It means weighing food, looking up databases, nutrition label reading, and keeping track of everything consumed. It’s a lot more effort than merely eating whatever we feel like, and adds a layer of complexity to life that many people find unwelcome.

But is it even necessary?

Mechanical calculator

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The Best Fat Loss Diet

Carrying too much body fat sucks. When you make up your mind to lose it you want it gone yesterday, so naturally you want the best fat loss diet.

And what makes the best fat loss diet? Obviously it’s the one that enables the most efficient and maximal weight loss, right?

It seems self-evident, but it’s the wrong focus and normally leads to complete failure.

Tape measure

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Reverse Dieting & Metabolic Whiplash

Reverse dieting is possibly the single most important thing for permanent leanness. With my history of yo-yo dieting it really did change my life, and it’s now one of the key concepts in my whole approach to physical development.

But it’s not well-studied, so using it is a matter of experimentation. My own testing has shown a possible unpleasant surprise—a sort of metabolic whiplash if you will. In the following I’ll explain what it is and how to deal with it to avoid setbacks.

Joseph Westrupp after reverse dieting

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Fast Fat Loss Best?

Losing fat slowly makes sense. The idea is that through small reductions of calories we can avoid shocking our bodies into holding onto fat and instead gently coax it off over time. An attempt to fly under the radar of our starvation defenses, if you will.

It’s great in theory, but not so great in practice—millions of years of evolution mean the human body isn’t so easily tricked.

Joseph Westrupp after diet

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