No More Myprotein Discount Codes

Long Overdue Update

Wow, that MyProtein Deal page you were looking for was old. Just realized I should probably address it so you’re not looking at deals that expired five years ago.

Anyway, I’m not doing affiliate links anymore. Sorry about that, but perhaps you’d like to look at my art instead.

Either way, best regards, and have a great day.

Twitter Marketing Tip

Many of us get caught up in the game of following people in the hope of being noticed and followed in return. I’m guilty of it, and honestly I have no idea if it’s even a good, let alone optimal, policy.

Regardless, it’s the course of action I’ve chosen. If you’re in the same boat, you can end up following more people than you can practically keep track of, and some of the utility and joy of Twitter can be lost. That is, you don’t see the posts from the people who most interest you.

Here’s how to take advantage of Twitter as a marketing tool, but also learn and be entertained.

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Max Strength & Muscle With Just 5 ½ Exercises

Our bodies aren’t naturally inclined towards maximum strength and muscle*, which means a strong stimulus is required to force changes.

It’s logical to think we’d need a lot of different exercises, each with its own contribution towards building a large adaptive response. However, decades of training and experimentation has taught me that just five will do it.

Incredible Hulk - maximum strength & muscle with just 5.5 exercises
Fairly certain this guy used only five exercises, and look at his results!

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Fasting, Coffee & Nicotine – the Perfect Nootropic

Nootropics have received a lot of attention in recent years. In case you haven’t heard the term, it basically refers to drugs that sharpen mental function.

If you’re wise, the idea of regularly using such substances probably strikes you as a bad idea. Normally any drug with a substantial benefit comes at a cost—some kind of detrimental impact on health or quality of life.

However, I’ve found it’s possible to elicit a nootropic effect daily with no noticeable downsides.


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6 Best Practices of Fat Loss

Yo-yo dieting isn’t wise nutrition management, but it turned out to have a major benefit. Doing it for more than a decade made me an expert at losing body fat (unfortunately it didn’t teach me how to keep it off—that came later).

All fat loss requires is that you burn more energy than you take in. It’s a simple concept, but there is a lot of room for error in how you choose to do it.

The principles listed here form the basis of an extremely effective fat loss program. They also help prevent the bad outcomes that so many diets result in, such as rebounds from excessive metabolic adaptation.

Joseph Westrupp, lean torso, theTasteofBliss

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Exercise Won’t Make You Lose Weight

Are you beginning to feel like your belly needs its own ZIP code? There are reminders of being out of shape that are hard to ignore. Like when you sit down and feel that fat-roll folding over your belt, reaching out to touch your feet. Or when you’re gently walking and your whole torso jiggles.

Things like these used to mount up to a tipping point for me, and I’d begin exercising. Because that’s what you should do to lose weight, right?

Joseph Westrupp, torso

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