3 Tips to Identify Good Milk Chocolate

It’s a dark time for our dark indulgence, my friends, which raises an important question. How can a foodie identify good milk chocolate in a world of cheap and nasty fakes?

Most of what you find in shops will leave you grimacing at the taste of waxy cocoa butter substitutes and overwhelmed by excess sugar. But never fear, it’s possible to strike gold without paying a fortune for the best artisanal offerings.

Marks & Spencer Milk Chocolate With Sicilian Sea Salt, no wrapper
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Fasting, Coffee & Nicotine – the Perfect Nootropic

Nootropics have received a lot of attention in recent years. In case you haven’t heard the term, it basically refers to drugs that sharpen mental function.

If you’re wise, the idea of regularly using such substances probably strikes you as a bad idea. Normally any drug with a substantial benefit comes at a cost—some kind of detrimental impact on health or quality of life.

However, I’ve found it’s possible to elicit a nootropic effect daily with no noticeable downsides.

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The Best Nutrition Scales

Close control of body composition requires portion control, which means kitchen scales are a necessity for any physique enthusiast. Even if you’re extremely metabolically and athletically gifted, the only way to get close to optimum results is to quantify your portions.

I’ve used many scales over the years. Most were cheap and merely did the job. I finally invested a bit more in these, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made.

Steinberg Systems scale, model SBS-LW-7500A, the best diet scales I've owned
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Reese’s Sticks Review

God bless the USA for its obsession with peanuts and chocolate, without it we wouldn’t have the venerable peanut butter cup. But this is about about Reese’s Sticks. They’re are along the same lines but add wafer to the mix. Given how good peanut butter cups are, was it a mistake to mess with the tried and true formula, or could Sticks have something extra to offer? Let’s see.

Reese's Sticks
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