Forevermints Review: No Calories, Perfect for Dieting

I found these during a hard diet. I was battling serious hunger and figured having a very low-calorie, slow-dissolving mint might help. I ordered some, and here’s what I found.

Bottle of ginger flavor Forevermints


The official word:

Tiny, dot-sized time-release breath mint continuously freshens your breath and moistens your mouth for 2 or more hours.

The mints are small, about 5 mm wide (roughly 1/5″). This is what they look like out of the bottle and in one of the pocket containers they came with:

Forevermints in pocket container

Taste & Texture

I tried both the peppermint and ginger flavor. The peppermint is quite strong, and a fairly standard breath mint taste. The ginger has a mint base, and a good strength of ginger over the top of it, but it’s milder overall than the peppermint.

Both are sweetened with xylitol and sucralose, and are detectably and adequately sweet.

The element that slows the rate they dissolve is hypromellose, which is commonly used as a controlled-delivery component in oral medication. It makes the mints different from regular breath mints or candy in that it forms a gel as it dissolves. It makes for an unusual experience—the mints go slightly slimy as you suck them. That sounds negative, and I’m not sure how to better describe it, but it’s not unpleasant.


The package lists them as 0 Calories, but I did some calculations out of curiosity. Based on the best info I could find, I got the following.

Serving size: 1 mint (141 mg)
Calories: 0.325 (officially “0 Calories”)

Less than half a Calorie per mint is extremely low. You’d be doing well to wreck your diet with them…

Forevermints Rating: 8.5/10

These things are great—particularly excellent for when you’re crazy with hunger at the tail end of a diet.

But I like them even if I’m not dieting. They’re good for throughout the morning during my fast—it’s nice to have something tasty with basically no energy content.

The manufactures say they last up to two hours, and perhaps they do if you nestle them between your cheek and teeth as recommended. However, I tend to suck them instead, and as such they last about 20-30 minutes.

The flat, ultra-portable pocket containers they come with are a nice touch—great idea, and really practical.

Ginger is my favorite flavor, and I buy them regularly.

Frankly Forevermints are pretty damned expensive—the makers seem to have cornered the market. Whether you can justify the cost will depend on you, but it’s worth it to me personally because a bottle lasts at least a month, often longer.

Thanks for reading.

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