Low Calorie Diet Candy – Food Tip for Cravings

The horrible thing about dieting is that you have to eat less, which means less room for high calorie treats. Fortunately that doesn’t have to mean no treats at all—there are low-calorie options that are surprisingly good, and some you can eat a surprising amount of. That’s the case with this low calorie diet candy thing I dreamed up.

Low calorie diet candy, by Joseph Westrupp

Diet Cravings

It was during a diet, and I really felt like some of my beloved gummy candy. But the problem with that stuff is that it’s so energy dense, basically pure sugar. Of course you can eat what you like and still lose weight, provided you account for energy intake. But when your calories are low, eating too much high caloric density food means inadequate food volume, and worse hunger.

I could have just kept eating tons of broccoli and lean protein, but I like treats. For me they’re an important part of not feeling overly restricted, which can lead to uncontrolled binging.

Diet Jelly to the Rescue

I’d been making diet jelly (or Jell-O if you’re American), but the texture wasn’t quite right to cover the gummy candy craving. But I thought it might be possible to use as a base—it’s artificially sweetened, therefore really low in calories.

How to Make

It’s very simple, you just make the jelly as usual with 2 or 3 times less water than the packet says. How chewy you like it will determine how much water to use, and some experimentation is necessary. Even for me, some days I’d like it softer with a bit more water, and others I wanted it super-chewy.

As you can see in the image above, I cut it into strips to be more jelly-snake like, but sometimes I’d just eat a big disc of it, too.

Hits the Spot

It’s not quite the same as real gummy candy, but I found it similar enough to deal with the craving. For a stretch I ate this stuff every day.

Note: don’t be tempted to let it warm up out of the fridge before you eat it. I thought that might make it more like the genuine article, but it turns out that even room temperature heat isn’t friendly to this particular dessert. That mix of gelatin and water really needs the cold to maintain it’s structure.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this helpful. You’ll find plenty more fitness and nutrition tips and how-tos here: fat loss, muscle building.

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