Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk With Hazelnuts Review

I’ve been having very good luck with chocolate from this British institution lately. As such, my exploration continues with Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk With Hazelnuts. And we can chalk this one up as another glorious, taste-bud-pleasing success. Read on for the low down.

Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk With Hazelnuts


The back of the label reads “extra fine Swiss milk chocolate with hazelnuts”. Slightly redundant, no more info there than in the actual name of the product, but okay!

This is what it looks like out of the wrapper:

Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk With Hazelnuts, no wrapper

Taste & Texture

Regular crackly milk chocolate texture, and plenty of whole, crunchy roast hazelnuts.

It has a prominent cocoa element as it contains a minimum of 35% cocoa solids.

It’s sweet, but considerably less than cheap and nasty varieties.

Nutrition per 100 g

Calories: 593
Fat: 42.1 g
Carbohydrate: 43.3 g (41.3 g sugar)
Protein: 8.4 g
Salt: 0.03 g (12 mg sodium)

Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate Extra Fine Milk With Hazelnuts Rating: 8.5/10

As I’ve been discovering with a number of M&S products, mass-produced chocolate doesn’t get much better than this. (Also highly recommended: M&S Milk Chocolate and, even better, M&S Milk Chocolate With Sicilian Sea Salt.

Excessive sweetness, inadequate cocoa content, and cheap ingredient substitutions in chocolate are pet hates of mine (more on that and how to identify good milk chocolate here). This chocolate sidesteps those nasty ploys, being a kind of grown-up version of a treat I used to have as a child, which subsequently proved disappointing as an adult.

There’s nothing new about hazelnuts and chocolate. This is a simple but rather exquisite implementation of the combo. Poor versions by other companies often have few nuts, including rancid and stale ones. I was very pleased to note this chocolate had a good number of nuts, and none of them were bad.


As my golden memories of the aforementioned childhood treat were dashed when I recently tried it again, this product steps into the same spot. I can see it being my go-to for when I feel like milk chocolate and hazelnuts at a reasonable, non-boutique price.

And regarding price, it’s actually very reasonable considering the quality—£2 for 200 g. That’s considerably cheaper than a lot of inferior “fancy” chocolate you find in the supermarket.

Thanks so much for reading. If you found this useful, I have a other reviews here (and plenty of info on fat loss and muscle building).

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