Myprotein Beef Jerky Review

Even the concept of uncooked dried meant used to bizarre to me, but now it’s one of my favorite foods. I absolutely love it. And it’s perfect for dieting because it takes so long to eat, which is pretty much all you want to do during a diet.

Done right it’s a joy, but done wrong and it’s like eating salty roof tiles. Let’s see how Myprotein’s version stacks up.

Myprotein beef jerky


Strips of low fat beef, dried and cured to a low carbohydrate recipe. Myprotein do five flavors: Original, Classic, Smoked, Cajun Hot, and Teriyaki.

Myprotein beef jerky pack

Taste & Texture

The base tastes of salt and beef are dominant, but the added flavorings are detectable and strong enough.

The texture is chewy, but variably so. Sometimes a whole pack is downright flaky and tender, almost as much as American-style recipes with a lot of sugar. However, as with most jerky the occasional piece is considerably chewier, and there can be difference between packs. It’s never unpleasantly tough, though.


Serving size: 50 g
Calories: 133
Fat: 2.8 g
Carbohydrate: 1.9 g (0.9 g sugar)
Protein: 25 g
Salt: 2.5 g (969 mg sodium)

Myprotein Beef Jerky Rating: 8.5/10

God I love this stuff. All flavors are great, but my favorites are probably Teriyaki and Classic. Beef with salt is a delicious combination, and Myprotein beef jerky lives up to it.

I don’t fear fat or carbs, but I like the fact they use a low fat, low carbohydrate recipe. It just allows a bit more dietary control, which can be useful.

Suffice it to say I buy it all the time. Maybe too much… It’s actually one of my main sources of protein.

This is by far the most consistently cheap low-fat, low-carb jerky I’ve found in the UK—particularly if you buy the mixed 10-pack, and even further if you get it on special.

You can [could] order a Myprotein beef jerky mixed 10 pack for £18.80 or individual packs for £2.49.

Thanks so much for reading, and there are more reviews here.

All feedback and questions welcome, I’d love to hear from you—just use the comments box below or send me an email.

Edit, some years down the track: wow, they used to sell this stuff cheap. There came a point where it drastically increased in price. It was gold while it lasted.

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