No One Cares About Your Stupid Abs!

Ever read that getting abs is disappointing? It’s a funny sentiment I’ve encountered a few times from fitness bloggers who experienced an anticlimax when they finally achieved their goal of getting lean.

Joseph Westrupp, torso

Unrealistic Expectations

I assume they had an expectation that all their problems hinged on not being pretty or something. I guess the evolution was something like this:

  • The proverbial bully on the beach kicks sand in their face.
  • Lack of confidence affects ability to attract a mate.
  • “I’ll show them” mentality develops.
  • They get in shape fueled by jealousy and resentment, in the knowledge that all the guys will in turn be jealous of them, wealth will magically flow, and people will swoon with uncontrolled lust.
  • They now have abs and muscle but…
  • Of course nothing has changed outside of their appearance.

And what’s this? Besides the occasional slightly longer-than-usual glance at the beach, no one really cares about your abs.

Abs in Their Place

I sure don’t hold myself up as a paragon of healthy balance, but I’ve never had such misaligned expectations. As such, I’ve never been disappointed at having abs.

The opposite, actually, being in shape is a constant source of joy.

It’s really an arbitrary goal, but having spent the first decades of life with a *cough* rather healthy layer of body fat obscuring my midsection, finally eliminating it and finding a sustainable way to remain in that condition is really satisfying and fun.

And the Moral of the Story Is

Nothing too deep and meaningful to convey here. But if you’d permit me, I’d dissuade you from thinking appearance is going to cure all your life’s ills.

At the same time, revel in and enjoy the accomplishment of bodily aesthetic goals for what they are. In the right context, these things can be massively satisfying and gratifying.

So here’s to abs in general, my friends. I personally love them, and if I see you and yours at the beach, I’ll be sure to cast you an admiring glance.

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