No More Myprotein Discount Codes

Long Overdue Update

Wow, that MyProtein Deal page you were looking for was old. Just realized I should probably address it so you’re not looking at deals that expired five years ago.

Anyway, I’m not doing affiliate links anymore. Sorry about that, but perhaps you’d like to look at my art instead.

Either way, best regards, and have a great day.

Twitter Marketing Tip

Many of us get caught up in the game of following people in the hope of being noticed and followed in return. I’m guilty of it, and honestly I have no idea if it’s even a good, let alone optimal, policy.

Regardless, it’s the course of action I’ve chosen. If you’re in the same boat, you can end up following more people than you can practically keep track of, and some of the utility and joy of Twitter can be lost. That is, you don’t see the posts from the people who most interest you.

Here’s how to take advantage of Twitter as a marketing tool, but also learn and be entertained.

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The Best Nutrition Scales

Close control of body composition requires portion control, which means kitchen scales are a necessity for any physique enthusiast. Even if you’re extremely metabolically and athletically gifted, the only way to get close to optimum results is to quantify your portions.

I’ve used many scales over the years. Most were cheap and merely did the job. I finally invested a bit more in these, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made.

Steinberg Systems scale, model SBS-LW-7500A, the best diet scales I've owned
The mighty Steinberg Systems scale, model SBS-LW-7500A, the best diet scales I’ve owned. No, sadly they don’t come with Quest Bars.

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Myprotein Beef Jerky Review

Even the concept of uncooked dried meant used to bizarre to me, but now it’s one of my favorite foods. I absolutely love it. And it’s perfect for dieting because it takes so long to eat, which is pretty much all you want to do during a diet.

Done right it’s a joy, but done wrong and it’s like eating salty roof tiles. Let’s see how Myprotein’s version stacks up.

Myprotein beef jerky

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Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar Review

Big news if you’re a Quest Bar fan: Quest Nutrition turned their expert hands to creating a coated bar, which is a new area for them. In this review I’ll let you know how the Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar tastes, if the coated bar experiment worked, and whether it lives up to its namesake dessert.

Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar

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S’mores Quest Bar Review

All Quest Bars are made of high quality protein and have plenty of fiber, but these days that’s not enough. Food tech has advanced to the point that a nutrition bar must also be delicious to be called the best. So in this review I’ll let you know how the S’mores Quest Bar tastes, and whether it lives up to its namesake dessert.

S'mores Quest Bar

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Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups Review

Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups are based on the iconic American candy that surrounds a sweet and salty peanut butter center with chocolate. It’s an amazing combination, which means there’s a lot to live up to. But Quest Nutrition’s actual protein bars taste so bizarrely good that I figured if anyone can make peanut butter cups into a delicious high protein product, it’s them. How wrong I was.

Quest Cravings Peanut Butter Cups

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