Sainsbury’s Stollen Slices

Wikipedia says stollen is a fruit bread. It’s accurate, but that label seems too plain somehow. Who’d have thought fruit bread could be so good?

I have visions of flying over to Germany and doing a bakery tour to find the perfect stollen. However, in the spirit of making do I’ve been testing the local shops. My exploration continues with this example from Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury's Stollen Slices


Stollen is a German fruit bread normally eaten during the Christmas season.

From Sainsbury’s site:

Stollen Slices are “stollen cake slices made with vine fruits and mixed citrus peel. Layered with marzipan filling, dipped in rum butter and dusted with sugar.

Sainsbury's Stollen Slices pack


It’s quite sweet. The main flavors are spice, dried fruit, candied peel, butter, and marzipan.


The dough is soft, but with a resistance that lets you know you’re definitely eating bread and not cake. The fruit is tender—the bits of candied peel being a bit stiffer—and the marzipan in the middle is soft.


Serving size: 1 Slice, 33 g
Calories: 126
Fat: 5.5 g
Carbohydrate: 17.3 g (10.7 g sugar)
Protein: 1.6 g
Salt: 0.12 g (46 mg sodium)


Sainsbury’s Stollen Slices are sweet, but less so than Mark & Spencer’s stollen.

The rum butter dip makes this stollen a bit different from the other ones I’ve tried. It doesn’t make it greasy, but the butter flavor is quite detectable (and delicious), and adds richness.

All the parts are distinct—the unsweetened but spicy bread dough, the sweet fruit and icing sugar, the slightly bitter peel, the butter dip—and the way all those different pockets of flavor and texture come together as you eat it is gorgeous.

I really like this product. Quite impressive considering it’s mass produced and comes in a cardboard box.

Sainsbury’s Stollen Slices Rating: 8.5/10

Bought them, loved them, and have been back for more.

Cheers for reading, and there’s plenty more reviews here.

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