S’mores Quest Bar Review

All Quest Bars are made of high quality protein and have plenty of fiber, but these days that’s not enough. Food tech has advanced to the point that a nutrition bar must also be delicious to be called the best. So in this review I’ll let you know how the S’mores Quest Bar tastes, and whether it lives up to its namesake dessert.

S'mores Quest Bar


The official description from Quest’s website:

Toasty-sweet marshmallow, rich chocolate and crisp graham cracker layered together in this melt-in-your-mouth, campfire classic. Plus with 20g of protein and only 1g sugar per bar it’s the first s’more you can enjoy.

It’s an uncoated protein bar flavored with chocolate chunks and cookie pieces. This is what it looks like:

S'mores Quest Bar, no wrapper

Taste & Texture

It’s very rich, and the most intensely sweet offering Quest produce. There is a subtle cinnamon background to the sweetness, and the chocolate chunks and cookie pieces (“graham crackers”) very pleasantly break up the predominant flavor and add nice variety to the consistency.

The S’mores Quest Bar seemed slightly different in texture to other Quest Bars. It’s softly chewy as usual, but gives the impression of having been made of flour, and is somehow crumblier. It works extremely well.

As with many products that borrow the names of desserts to describe their contents, “s’mores” isn’t really an accurate label. Actually, the first thing that came to mind after trying S’mores flavor was uncooked chocolate chip cookie batter. Ironic considering that Quest make a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor, which itself doesn’t actually taste like cookie dough (although it’s still delicious).

Like all Quest Bars it’s great as it is, but it’s even more rich and dessert-like heated about 10 seconds in a microwave or baked a few minutes (which is even better because the outside goes crispy).


Serving size: 60 g
Calories: 180
Fat: 8 g
Net carbohydrate: 4 g (1 g sugar)
Fiber: 13 g
Protein: 20 g

(Weights of Quest Bars can vary quite a bit, leading to significantly different caloric content than stated on the label. I did a write-up here.)

S’mores Quest Bar Rating: 9/10

A superb addition to the line, and it’s become one of my staples.

Thanks for reading.

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