Surreal Abstract Bone Ring With Lines

Orange-brown elephant bone collage divided by vertical white lines, on dark crimson background. Surreal abstract art by Joseph Westrupp.

The title of this picture is Zero. The reason is threefold—first and most obviously the ring shape of the bones. But also the word zero and the concept of it hold a lot of aesthetic appeal for me.

Why would zero be aesthetically appealing? For that matter, why would a bone collage with superimposed lines be aesthetically appealing (at least to me, and hopefully you too)?

In armchair scientist mode, I assume aesthetic sense is one of those incidental products of characteristics that provided evolutionary advantage. No particular reason for it, just something we can exploit for sheer pleasure.* But the things that produce aesthetic pleasure can be counterintuitive. In my meta moments I find the things I’m drawn to in art strange.

* I dimly remembered there was a specific term for this phenomenon, and just spent way too long trying to track it down. The word is spandrel.

This image has a black and white partner named Zero Black, and the Disconnect the Dots, Memorism, and Sentinelia series are based on the same underlying elephant skull photo.

Canvases and Giclée Prints

Archival-quality prints of this piece are available. Options include framed and unframed fine art paper and canvases.

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