Surreal Abstract Seashell Collage and Circle – Black and White

Seashell collage with circle. Surreal abstract art in black and white by Joseph Westrupp.

The title of this picture is Immersion Cinders. Another black and white, another word used as a metaphor for that (cinders). I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep this up till I run out of options and have to repeat myself.

I’m having fun with it so far, though. The type of fun no doubt reliant on a love of language, but I have that, being the type of person to read word-of-the-day columns, and consult dictionaries regularly.

The other part of the title of this series, “immersion”, was based on my impression of the first version after editing. It appeared that the shell structure was floating in a red liquid.

There are two other versions: a red and yellow one called Immersion, and a blue and red one called Immersion Blue.

Canvases and Giclée Prints

Archival-quality prints of this piece are available. Options include framed and unframed fine art paper and canvases.

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