Surreal Abstract Seashell Deconstruction

Yellow, blue, and red seashell deconstruction. Surreal abstract art by Joseph Westrupp.

The title of this picture is Sturnidae Waxen. My titles are often from a Rorschach test-style reaction to a piece after its completion. Putting words to an impression in such a way normally gives a pleasingly arcane word or phrase to complement the picture.

For this image two things occurred to me: a wax letter seal, and a starling with wings outstretched. I don’t know why specifically a starling, but it’s still quite distinct in my mind.

However, something like “wax starling” is way too literal and lacking poetry. The goal is suggestion, not instruction, and I want to maintain general abstractness. So I read a bit about starlings and found the Latin word for them—sturnidae. Perfect. Append ‘waxen’, and my style of title is born.

There’s a black and white version of this composition called Sturnidae Waxen Black.

Canvases and Giclée Prints

Archival-quality prints of this piece are available. Options include framed and unframed fine art paper and canvases.

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