Three Part Surreal Abstract Seashell Collage

Three part yellow seashell collage on blue and red background. Surreal abstract art by Joseph Westrupp.

The title of this picture is Emergence.

I recently wrote of my color choices becoming more primary and bright, but I’m feeling the pendulum returning. It was fun to see how far I could push saturation within the bounds of garish (at least that was the intent), but I think the stage might be over.

The colors here aren’t totally muted, but as I was editing this I was opting for lower settings, and introducing more earthiness. At first I tried continuing in the same brighter, more primary color vein, but at each creative crossroad I preferred the comparatively muted option.

It’s an interesting journey; curious how tastes change and evolve.

There’s a black and white version of this composition called Emergence Enshrouded.

Canvases and Giclée Prints

Archival-quality prints of this piece are available. Options include framed and unframed fine art paper and canvases.

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