Skull Hovering Over River in Florence

Skull hovering over the Arno river in Florence, Italy. Surreal art photo by Joseph Westrupp.

Title: Interloping, Florence. I did three images with this title format, a black and white version of this, plus Interloping, Vietnam. Nothing too deep and meaningful about the title, I just like the narrative overtone the word interloping adds.

Getting the reflection to look right in this was really challenging. This type of photo compositing (basically merging multiple photos into a single realistic-looking scene) is like a puzzle. You start with an idea, and pretty much experiment until it looks right. Each photo presents its own problems—you have to match light and shadow, color, and even focus.

It’s very satisfying when you pull it off, though. At least if the idea works. Sometimes I spend a lot of time on something that just doesn’t meet initial expectations. In that case you have to throw it out, which is painful after such an investment of time and effort.

Canvases and Giclée Prints

Archival-quality prints of this piece are available. Options include framed and unframed fine art paper and canvases.

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